Aether Gel 4 oz. jar

Aether Gel was inspired by Aether, the Greek God of Air who was entrusted with keeping the air of the Heavens pure and free from worldly contamination. The developers of this all natural gel, made certain that it not only eliminated odors, but that it also killed the mold, mildew and bacteria which caused them in the first place. Made with 100% natural essential oils in a cellulose gel base, Aether Gel is the perfect choice for any enclosed space with an odor problem. For cars, small rv's, bedrooms, nurseries, small basements, storage areas and offices. This 4 oz. jar will take care of any enclosed space up to 200 square feet.

Item # Description Price Quantity Option
C-344 Aether Gel 4 oz. jar $31.95

Product Contains:Thymus Vulgaris, Cymbopogon flexuosus, Menthapiperita, water and cellulose.