E-463 - Lemon, Yellow (Citrus limonum)

Strong scent of fresh lemon.

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E-463-15 15 mL Lemon, Yellow $15.69 $7.84
E-463-50 50 mL Lemon, Yellow $28.54 $14.27
E-463-4 4 oz. Lemon, Yellow $64.69 $32.35
E-463-8 8 oz. Lemon, Yellow $108.15 $54.08
E-463-16 16 oz. Lemon, Yellow $197.74 $98.87
E-463-32 32 oz. Lemon, Yellow $373.87 $186.93

Historical Fokelore Application

A refreshing and elevating bath additive. Mix with Jojoba to cleanse oily skin ... with Lavender as a hot compress for acne. A marvelous, refreshing oil for the diffuser, Lemon has been alleged to increase alertness and reduce errors in the workplace. Lemon is considered to be a "purifying" oil when used in a diffuser.

Botanical Name:Citrus limonum

Also Known As:

Where Grown:USA

How Grown:Traditional

Plant Part Used:Cold pressed from fruit peel.

Aroma:Strong Lemon, Dry Overtone

Color:Bright Yellow


Perfume Note:Top

Blends With:Most Oils

How Used:Strong scent of fresh lemon.


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