Professional Nebulizing Diffuser

Many units these days are referred to as “nebulizers” but what you see in the photo above is a true nebulizing diffuser that is designed around the Venturi principle of atomization. In laymen’s terms, this means there is an air pump which forces air through a unique hand blown glass piece that atomizes essential oil into microfine droplets which saturate the surrounding air. Just essential oil is needed, no water or other carrier oils are required! A true nebulizing diffuser runs best with non-viscous oils such as Lavender. If you would like to diffuse a thick oil (e.g. Patchouli, Vetiver etc.) it is recommended that you dilute it with a less viscous oil or grain alcohol first. To fully saturate a room, run the diffuser for 15-20 minutes. If run continuously, the unit will consume approximately 3mL of oil an hour.

Item # Description Price Quantity Option
AX-450 Professional Nebulizing Diffuser $69.95

Product Contains:Roughly 5x3x7 inches tall, adjustable output knob, directional glass tip. Scents up to 400 square feet.