Beeswax Bandage

Heavy duty cream seals off cuts and scraps, stops the bleeding and does not sting! Great for adults on blood thinners and kids on the ball field. Beeswax Bandage is a quick way to deal with life's little mishaps, especially when a first aid kit may not be handy. Stays on in water to protect wounds. Very effective for folks who have paper thin skin which tears easily. Removes and even prevents bruising for those who bruise easily or must undergo frequent blood work. Also soothes pain and itch and promotes quick healing. Recently, we learned that it works wonderfully with ÔÇťangular chelitis or perleche" which is severe cracking in the corners of the mouth and it does not sting or hurt when applied! Keep this pocket size tin with you so you are ready for any unexpected bleeding episodes. Directions: Apply a heavy band of Beeswax Bandage over the wound and leave a couple of minutes. It is so thick the blood can't push through and the blood will coagulate quickly. 1/2 oz. flip top tin.

Item # Description Price Quantity Option
C-388 Beeswax Bandage $5.95

Product Contains:Water, Food Grade mineral Oil, Beeswax, Natural Mineral: Borax