Angel Blessings

Essential oils effect us both physically and metaphysically. While the physical effects are straightforward - pain relief, antiseptic, antimicrobial etc., the metaphysical ones are harder to define. Many people believe that on a holistic level essential oils vibrate at certain frequencies inaudible to humans. It is thought that these same frequencies allow us to communicate with realms otherwise beyond our perception. Angel's Blessing is designed to be just such a blend that taps into the metaphysical to help us communicate with spiritual beings more commonly known as Angels. It is reputed that Angels will help guide you in decision making and protect you in times of trouble. They are also believed to be God's intermediaries who deliver sacred messages from the Almighty. We have researched and compiled this blend based upon prevailing expert opinion on Angelic contact. We include Lavender for harmony, unity of thought and relaxation, Angelica for spiritual awareness, Frankincense for its ancient biblical connection with prayer and Lordly intervention, Black Pepper for protection, Roman Chamomile for wisdom, Holy Basil for clearing the mind and Geranium for clearing the heart, all in a base of Golden Jojoba. Apply this blend directly to the skin at all pulse points or behind the ears before prayer or meditation. 15 mL airless pump bottle. Discreet and easily portable.

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C-556 Angel Blessings $18.95

Product Contains:Base of Golden Jojoba from the Holy Land, 100% Pure Essential Oils of Lavender, Angelica, Frankincense, Black Pepper, Roman Chamomile, Holy Basil and Geranium.