E-484 - Lovage Leaf (Levisticucm officinalis)

Has a rich, warm spicy celery-like aroma.

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E-484-10 10 mL Lovage Leaf $88.00 $44.00
E-484-30 30 mL Lovage Leaf $204.81 $102.41

Historical Fokelore Application

Old World Europeans believe that in a massage blend, it can ease menstrual cramps, relieve water retention and improve circulation. When inhaled, Lovage is said to help stimulate appetite.

Botanical Name:Levisticucm officinalis

Also Known As:Maggi Herb

Where Grown:Hungary

How Grown:Wildcrafted

Plant Part Used:Steam distilled from plant leaves.

Aroma:Spicy Aarm, Rich, Celery-like

Color:Clear to Amber


Perfume Note:Top

Blends With:Rose, Galbanum, Opopanax, Bay, Spice Oils

How Used:Has a rich, warm spicy celery-like aroma.