E-154 - Basil, Holy (Ocimum sanctum)

More medicinal smell than other types Basil.

Item # Description Price Quantity Option
E-154-10 10 mL Basil, Holy $19.67
E-154-30 30 mL Basil, Holy $39.61
E-154-4 4 oz. Basil, Holy $90.90
E-154-8 8 oz. Basil, Holy $166.35
E-154-16 16 oz. Basil, Holy $321.89
E-154-32 32 oz. Basil, Holy $612.75

Historical Folklore Application

Allegedly helps melancholy, brightens mood. Also considered extremely useful to center the mind and help prepare for meditation.

Botanical Name:Ocimum sanctum

Also Known As:Tulsi

Where Grown:India

How Grown:Organic Practice

Plant Part Used:Steam distilled from leaves and flowers.

Aroma:Herbaceous, Medicinal, Camphor

Color:Pale Yellow


Perfume Note:Top

Blends With:Thyme, Pine, Lemon, Ginger, Roman Chamomile

How Used:More medicinal smell than other types Basil.


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