Holy Land

Beautiful, ancient, and mystical is the Holy Land. So is our namesake blend containing a core of 100% pure essential oils of precious Frankincense and Myrrh melding with the spicy scent of pimenta racemosa (Bay). Use purely as a thought provoking spiritual scent or to help reduce stress and promote serenity. When mixed with lavender and Jojoba it forms a “miracle” blend that eases the appearance of wrinkles and calms irritated skin.

Item # Description Price Quantity Option
AP-73 10 mL Holy Land $17.95
AP-73-2 2 oz Holy Land $72.95

Product Contains:100% pure essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh and Bay. No carriers, no fillers.

How Used:Apply topically, in a diffuser or disperse on a tissue and inhale.