Biblical Anointing Oil Roll-on

The Bible has over 200 references to the dynamic power and significance of oils. Some were used to light the darkness, others for intercession in times of crisis, some for medicines and cosmetics while others were used for purification and in celebration to honor esteemed guests. This anointing oil contains 10 ancient and powerful essential oils mentioned in the Bible, blended in Golden Jojoba from the Holy Land with tradition and respect. Contains Spikenard for emotional balance, Frankincense for grounding and focus, Myrrh for mental presence, Hyssop for spiritual purification, Juniper for worldly awareness, Myrtle for the cleansing of mind and spirit, Galbanum for comfort, Coriander to attract love, Cedar to abate negative spiritual energy and Cinnamon to ward off evil. Apply this anointing oil directly to the skin. We recommend using it on any of the following; the back of your neck, forehead, pulse points, abdominal area and even the soles of your feet. Feel the blessing and connection to the Greatest Story Ever Told and thousands of years of tradition!

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C-591 Biblical Anointing Oil Roll-on $15.95

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