The Sativa Energy Inhaler

This next gen inhaler contains a proprietary secret blend of pure terpenes found in cannabis. But what sets it apart is that it is not derived from the marijuana plant, but instead is extracted from other plants containing the same naturally occurring terpenes. This is important because you get results without THC or even CBD. The Sativa Blend nasal inhaler contains only 100% Terpenes which mimic the aromatherapeutic effects of terpenes from specific marijuana strains. Use as needed for mental and physical energy. Use as needed on its own or to boost the effects of other cannabis related products. This product does not contain any cannabinoids including THC or CBD. No high whatsoever! Inhaler will easily last three moths.

Item # Description Price Quantity Option
PQ-12 The Sativa Energy Inhaler $14.95

Product Contains:Proprietary blend of non-marijuana plant derived terpenes. No THC No CBD.